Double Reed

Double reed is yet another feature in the cap of DOKAKSAM. In terry weaving, two ends are drawn through each dent. The reed which is used for terry weaving is different from that of normal weaving.

The distinguishing characteristic of this reed is that its dents are arranged in two rows. This double row provents entanglement of pile and ground warp ends.

This type of reed is most commonly used in weaving of terry towel and woolen fabric.  It is also a producer of double reeds for airjet looms to cater the existing and the future brands of the airjet weaving machinery. DOKAKSAM has been making double reeds for the last many years. DOKAKSAM double reed is perfect to extent that some very well reputed European loom makers are sending their looms to Turkey without reed to be fitted with DOKAKSAM reed. This speaks for the excellent qualitty of DOKAKSAM product.


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